Dallas Office Lease Safety Considerations

In many cases, workplace safety is only given consideration after a location has been selected and yet it is so important to incorporate workplace safety into the selection phase of a Dallas office lease. It is pretty well-known that not all office spaces are created equal.

Look at Building Age

The age of a building will have a huge difference on the level of building safety. Obvious safety risks such as old, dilapidated buildings should never be considered as a location for a Dallas office lease. The strength of a building’s structure weakens as it ages and offers hints to this effect as cracks in the building structure. Lower leasing rates are appealing; however, this type of consideration should be avoided as it certainly has the potential to compromise workers’ safety. Of course, the curb appeal of such a building could very well make clients question the image of the company within the building.

If a certain Dallas office lease looks like a promising location for a business, yet the building appears unreliable, the best thing to be done is to hire a structural engineer to assess the quality of the building prior to consideration of occupancy to ensure its structural integrity.

Examine Dallas Office Lease Safety Features

Prior to securing a Dallas office lease, it is important to closely examine all of its safety features. A visual inspection of vital safety features such as the location of fire exits, fire hydrants, smoke alarms and smoke detectors must be made. Current and valid certificates that prove the building passed all recent safety inspections should also be reviewed prior to concluding a lease agreement.
Consider Earthquake History

Certain locations are more prone to earthquakes than others. When choosing a Dallas office lease location, it would also be wise to check if the location being considered is susceptible to earthquakes. Gather research data about any fault lines that may be located near the area. The earthquake history of the area can also be obtained to see what the probability is for earthquakes in the area as well as any past history of such occurrences.

Dallas Office Lease Locale Concerns

Aside from the safety of the building itself, it is also important to consider the safety factor of the neighborhood where the building is located. Of course, safety and security considerations cannot begin and end at the building’s entrance. It is also imperative to ensure that workers can either walk safely to their parked vehicle or to a mass transportation pick-up point without any fears. Check for the crime statistics of the prospective Dallas office lease location from a local police station.

Workplace safety and security is the responsibility of the company that selects the business operating location. An employer should be genuinely concerned about the workers safety and not just think about it when something has happened and a worker is injured as a result. Workplace safety doesn’t wait to begin until actual work has commenced. That consideration should be at the forefront of any Dallas office lease location that is considered – employers, do not ignore the safety of your workers!

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