Plano_Office_Space__44 Is Office Finders really free to the tenant?

Yes, the landlord pays all real estate commissions so there is no direct charge for letting us help you. Tenant representation and office leasing is similar to residential real estate as there are usually two agents involved:  the tenant rep broker or agent representing the tenant and a project leasing or on-site agent representing the building owner. The landlord pays all real estate commissions as part of a legitimate marketing expenses for the property. Owners prefer to work with tenants who are represented by Office Finders because they are educated which helps speed the process and make it less complicated for everyone. The Office Finders rep will have explained everything to the tenant and time won’t be wasted negotiating for unrealistic concessions.

When should I get started looking for my space?

Now! You should call us right away and get the process started. It can take 1 to 6 months to find new space depending on the complexity of specific needs. Small spaces and those leased on an as-is basis can be occupied in as little as 1 to2 weeks; however, you need to give yourself plenty of extra time. Haste makes waste in the office leasing process!

Can you help us expand our existing space or renew the lease?

Yes. We do this all the time by empowering tenants with the same market data provided on new deals, which allows you to get the best expansion or lease renewal deal. Knowledge is power and a landlord knows you mean business when using an Office Finders professional to review the market on your behalf. The Landlord’s main fear is that you will move out because more money is made when tenants renew leases as there is no down time to find a new tenant or costs to finish out the space. A token concession may be added to the deal when the market is filled with many other choices for a tenant. Your Office Finders agent will show you the right way to handle a renewal or expansion.

Do you help purchase buildings?

Yes. In addition to leasing, we also handle commercial property sales. Choosing to purchase is a big decision and much thought and planning should go into it. Your Office Finders expert can help evaluate all the elements and help you make the right decision.

Can you help me create a pro-forma budget for the lease space?

Yes, we would be more than happy to help you do this. Your Office Finders specialist has detailed costs for the various market areas and can easily put a budget plan together to suit your office requirements. Call us to discuss your specific needs so we can provide accurate numbers.