“Office Finders undoubtedly has a better understanding of lease documents than many corporate lawyers, and can be even more tenacious than corporate lawyers on behalf of their tenant clients.”

David Henja – Corporate Counsel

“Office Finders is as diligent as they come. Their market knowledge and strategic insights into both the client’s world and the landlord realm is remarkable. They truly provide value-added services for their clients. I entrust Office Finders with any client- or colleague-driven opportunity.”

Louis Erskine Asset Manager

“I would highly recommend that others do business with Office Finders. They are an outstanding commercial real estate brokerage, who truly knows the nuts and bolts of the business. In addition, they are incredible at connecting business people so that they may find their own successes. Office Finders is an achiever and highly respected in this field. You want to know them.”

Lisa Lingo @ Premier Conferencing

“Office Finders one of the first brokers I had pleasure to meet here in Dallas when getting my feet wet in the commercial real estate world of Dallas. They have been a wonderful supporter of of my work and my company. Their personal work ethic is truly what makes them successful and admired by others in the commercial real estate industry.”

Stephanie Erskine @ Regus

“I turned to Office Finders when I needed to upgrade my office location. They are a market leader, excellent negotiator and represented our firm well.