Why should you use Office Finders to help you find your next office space?

Dallas Vertical Buildings with waterOffice Finders agents are experienced commercial property professionals who have dedicated their careers to commercial property leasing. Since Office Finders was founded in 1982, we have helped thousands of client companies with leasing decisions.

Office Finders agents are trained professionals who understand the commercial real estate market and are ready to use that information to help find the best office space to meet the needs of your company.  What do we offer to our clients?

  • Knowledge of the market!
  • Objectivity in all that we do!
  • Dedication in helping our tenants!
  • Tenant Representation in all lease negotiations!
  • Cost-free services!

Office Finders agents are knowledgeable about the commercial real estate market as well as the rates and concessions being offered. By specializing in leasing, we are constantly involved in all market activity. We know which buildings offer the best maintenance and management, tenant services, amenities, parking and access – we even know which ones have the best elevator service! All of these elements are important to overall satisfaction with the space you choose to lease.

Office Finders agents are objective in the services provided to our client companies. Since we do not manage or own commercial property, we are totally objective in the buildings presented to you. By working through us, you can be assured that there is no bias placed on one building over another. We work with every property in the city ensuring a wide field of selection.

Office Finders agents are dedicated to providing you, the prospective tenant, with the highest level of personal service possible. When Office Finders is selected as your agent, you will receive more than just an everyday real estate broker – you will receive a specialist. We strive to learn all about your business in order to help select a space that is perfect for your needs – both now and in the future.

Office Finders agents represent you – the tenant. The Landlord has an agent for representation in the leasing transaction to be sure of getting the best deal – so should you! How else can you be sure of getting a fair deal much less an advantageous one? Office Finders is here to serve you and your best interests in all leasing transactions today and in the future with renewals or expansions.

Office Finders services are free to the tenant since the landlord pays all real estate commissions, so there is no direct charge for using our services. Tenant representation and office leasing is similar to residential real estate with usually two agents involved. There is the tenant representative broker or agent who acts on behalf of a tenant and there is a project leasing or on-site agent who represents the building owner. The landlord pays real estate commissions as part of legitimate marketing expenses for the property. Owners prefer to work with represented tenants because it means they are educated which helps speed the process.  It makes it less complicated for everyone since a tenant rep will have explained the process to a tenant and time will not be wasted negotiating for unrealistic concessions.

Since 1982, Office Finders has continuously specialized in helping all our tenant clients locate, evaluate, and negotiate the best deal available in commercial lease space. Our national commercial property network assures you of having the right specialist working on your important property requirement in the city and state of your choosing.

The following nine steps outline how our personalized service functions and how we represent you and your company in the lease transaction.

  1. Determine Needs – Interview you and your staff in order to determine exactly what type of space is needed, including size, location, type, special requirements, etc.
  2. Configure Space – Assist in laying out the ideal configuration of your new space in the most efficient possible manner.
  3. Examine Buildings –  Conduct a detailed survey of all possible buildings that meet your exact needs. Because we deal in leasing every day, we know which properties offer the best price and which ones have the best maintenance and management services.
  4. Schedule Tours – Schedule at a convenient time for you a tour of the buildings that best meet your exact requirements.
  5. Negotiate Lease – After you decide which building(s) are preferred, we begin negotiating with the owner on your behalf to achieve the best rate and terms possible.The facts are delivered to you in an easy to understand format that cuts through the confusing jargon to get you to the “bottom line” – fast!
  6. Monitor Work – During the construction or renovation phase of your lease, we monitor the progress of the work in order to ensure that the new lease space will be delivered on time as promised.
  7. Offer Vendor Names – In order to assist with the actual relocation, we have a list of proven vendors to use. These vendors include: phone systems and installation, movers, and printers as well as new and used office furniture dealers.
  8. Lease Assistance – Should you need to expand or renew a lease, we will be there to represent your interests in securing the best terms. In addition,  we can also help mediate any problems that may arise during the lease. In essence, we are here to help you with all aspects of your lease.
  9. Cost-Free Services – The benefits of our services cost you and your company nothing because the landlord directly pays our commission. You can rest assured that by working through us, you will have the best lease rate for the property that best suits your individual requirements.

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