To avoid being persuaded by unnecessary office space features, it is important to plan business goals carefully and stick to them. Keep a clear goal of the basic features that are essential to the business so as not to be tempted with unnecessary ones. The following are some of the basic criteria that are required for an income-generating commercial office space.

  • Accessibility – Accessibility of the Dallas commercial office space should be given high priority. The location is a basic yet vital factor to the success of a business. Clients as well as employees should be able to access the office space without having to spend too much travel time. Avoid inaccessible locations as this could discourage potential clients.
  • Spacious Floor Plan – Another basic feature a commercial office space must have is an adequate floor plan. The appropriate floor area is determined by the number of employees, the number of specialized rooms such as private offices, meeting rooms, storage rooms, waiting areas, etc. A spacious floor plan makes a good work environment and boosts productivity.
  • Basic Amenities – There are optional amenities that are only applicable to certain businesses; basic amenities such as accessible restrooms, spacious entry ways, and parking should come standard for every Dallas commercial office space in order to provide comfort and convenience to both employees and clients.
  • Standard Emergency Features – As required by law, commercial offices should come equipped with standard emergency safety features such as accessible fire exits, smoke detectors, sprinklers and accessible fire hydrants. The owner or manager of the property should also be able to present a current document that proves the building has passed a recent safety inspection.
  • Security Features – Keeping assets and investments secure should also be a high priority. The building should come with essential security features to protect the investment and provide the owner with peace of mind. Basic safety features include sufficient presence of security personnel around the building premises as well as CCTV installation throughout the commercial space.
  • Reliable Building Construction Quality – The building quality should also be a high priority. When choosing a commercial office space to rent or lease, look for a structurally excellent property, if not newly constructed Dallas commercial office space. Aside from safety reasons, the quality and look of a commercial building says much about the reputation of its occupants. Locating an office inside a building with a dilapidated façade would make your business look like a fly-by-night type of business and could drive potential clients away.

Use these basic commercial office criteria as a guide when looking for a Dallas commercial office space to avoid getting a less-than-exceptional property. Be wary about tactics that could lead one in the wrong direction. By avoiding the distracting appeal of unnecessary features of an office space on the market, a company will avoid paying higher rent or a higher mortgage than necessitated by their needs because of irrelevant but well advertised features of a commercial office space!

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